Introducing the prePO Preacher Program


As you already know, prePO is democratizing access to private markets for retail investors - and we need your help in spreading the good word throughout the crypto lands and beyond.

What is the prePO Preacher Program?

The prePO Preacher Program lets you earn rewards for spreading the good word about prePO through a series of 'actions'.

The actions range from following us on social media and referring your friends, to creating memes and videos.

The size of your rewards will depend on 3 factors:

  1. Quantity of actions completed
  2. Quality of actions completed
  3. Effort required to complete the action

For example, you'll get greater rewards for writing a high-quality blog post or creating a viral video about prePO compared to liking us on Facebook.

What are the rewards?

Rewards will partially be in the form of future $PPO tokens, and partially in other forms (such as exclusive NFTs, merchandise, and special community roles).

Ideas for rewards are also welcome - just use the #ideas channel in Discord.

The exact rewards will be announced at a future date, but they will be worth your while!

$PPO incentives drive the prePO movement.

What will this achieve?

Through the power of the prePO Preacher Program, we'll be able to level up our community growth, shifting from a team effort into an exponential community effort. A powerful community will be critical in achieving our mission of democratizing pre-public equity.

The 'prePO Preacher Program' card was banned from tournaments (too OP).

Today is the start of a new journey.

Today is the day you start spreading the good word.

Today is the day you become a preacher.

Begin your transformation HERE.

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