Introducing prePO Simulator

prePO is excited to announce the launch of prePO Simulator - a tool for playing out different scenarios as a Trader or Liquidity Provider (LP) on the upcoming prePO platform.

Through the Simulator, we aim to facilitate a deeper understanding of how prePO works, including the impact of different inputs and parameters.

The Simulator experience.

As a curious trader, you could play out a scenario where you enter a long position in a SpaceX market at a valuation of $100B and exit at a valuation of $400B, and understand what your overall profit would be if that scenario played out.

Or as an LP, you could explore the ‘max loss’ scenario if you provided liquidity for an OpenSea market, to visualize prePO’s unique downside minimization for LPs and the 3 Layers of Rewards that can offset any potential losses.

For the precogs out there, we've also developed the Advanced Mode.
The Simulator assumes a number of default values to simplify the UX, including for reward APRs, fees, holding periods, and valuation / payout ranges; but in Advanced Mode, you can tinker with each of these parameters to your heart's content.

Try out the Simulator here

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