Introducing Acquisition Royale

prePO is proud to present Acquisition Royale - a play-to-earn battle royale NFT game themed around mergers and acquisitions.

A core part of the vision for the prePO platform is ‘GameFi’ - introducing gamification elements to DeFi, to make the trading, liquidity providing, token staking, and governance experiences more fun and accessible.

Acquisition Royale will be prePO’s initial exploration into the blockchain gaming space, as well as a means of attracting users from various NFT and crypto gaming communities and getting them excited about the upcoming prePO platform.

The game will be launching on the Polygon Network for its fast and low cost transactions, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve even received an official Polygon Ecosystem Grant.


In Acquisition Royale, the goal is to ensure that your Enterprise survives and thrives.

After founding your Enterprise, you'll automatically earn Runway Points (RP) over time, which can be used to compete against and acquire other Enterprises, or protect your own Enterprise from acquisition.

By strategically merging with and acquiring other Enterprises, you’ll earn RP at an even faster rate, setting you on the path towards corporate domination.

Try to take over the world.

Key Features

Acquisition Royale introduces a number of unique mechanics that separate it from other NFT projects.

Firstly, Acquisition Royale is a Play-to-Earn game that rewards both strategic play and active community participation with fully-composable Runway Points (ERC-20 tokens) and Enterprises (ERC-721 NFTs), which can be traded in secondary markets.

And, unlike other projects where your traits are fixed and assigned to you by luck of the draw, Enterprises are Customizable - allowing players to Rename and Rebrand (i.e. select different interpretive artwork) using limited-supply consumable Rename/Rebrand Tokens (ERC-1155) - and each Enterprise builds their own legacy through the gameplay actions they perform.

Acquisition Royale is also a Community-Led game. Enterprise owners have a say over future roadmap items, gameplay balance adjustments, and approving interpretative artwork to represent their Enterprises.

As a battle royale game, Enterprises have an inherently Deflationary Supply due to Enterprises being eliminated and burnt, meaning any surviving Enterprises will become increasingly rare over time.

The game also features Dynamic Difficulty - where the difficulty of acquisitions increases as the number of remaining Enterprises falls (analogous to mining difficulty in Bitcoin) - and Dynamic Pricing, where the cost of different actions dynamically adjusts to find a fair price.

Finally, the Acquisition Royale Grants Program is our commitment to evolving the game’s ecosystem, monetarily incentivizing builders and creatives to integrate with and extend upon the game.

A player is not allowed to stop playing.

Auction, Airdrops, Giveaways

There will be a total of 15k Enterprises at the commencement of the game.

14k are mintable through The Founding (our distribution event):

Make sure to follow our step-by-step guide for getting MATIC onto Polygon so you can participate in the sale!

The final 1k will be reserved for collaborations, influencers, contributors, competitions, and other community giveaways, so make sure to participate in our Discord & Twitter community to be eligible!

For more information, check out (where we have comprehensive FAQs).

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